Optimizing Your Forestry Operations

Top 3 Additional Accessories for a Seamless Rigging Experience

In the realm of forestry operations, efficiency and safety are paramount. Every step of the process, from felling to transportation, requires precision and the right tools. Among these tools are fundamental accessories that can make a significant difference in productivity and ease of operation. In this blog, we'll explore three top-notch forestry accessories designed to streamline winching sessions, making your tasks easier and more efficient.

  1. PCA-1270 – Steel Open-Face Corner Block

The PCA-1270 Steel Open-Face Corner Block is a versatile accessory designed to facilitate perpendicular pulling of trees along a path, as well as deviation of trajectory and obstacle navigation. Paired with the PCA-1291 Automatic Release, it forms a dynamic duo that enhances productivity and ease of operation for forestry people (see the #2 of this blog for more details).

Constructed from durable steel, this shock-resistant pulley is equipped with a smooth sheave, ensuring compatibility with synthetic lines of up to 5/8” in diameter without causing damage. It can also be used with steel cables.

With its 4” diameter, it offers excellent efficiency while minimizing friction on the ground, especially when installed at height to create a pulling angle that lifts the tip of the log slightly.

  1. PCA-1291 – Automatic Release for Open Face Corner Block

The PCA-1291 Automatic Release for Open Face Corner Block revolutionizes winching operations by eliminating the need for manual intervention to free the rope from the pulley when the log gets to the trail intersection for example. This innovative accessory consists of a steel cartridge and a chain link that will simply jump out of the open-face corner block when reaching it.

Installing the release on ropes of up to ½” is a breeze – simply position the chain link at the desired distance on the rope, where you want it to come out of the corner block, insert it into the cartridge, and let it do its magic.

This will undoubtedly enhance productivity for small-scale harvesting activities. However, it's important to note that this accessory is not recommended for use with a Portable Winch anchored with a sling, as it may cause the winch to fall and suffer damage upon rope tension release.

  1. PCA-1310 – Ball Hitch Pulling Plate

The PCA-1310 Ball Hitch Pulling Plate is a game-changer when it comes to attaching synthetic ropes, cables, or chains directly to a vehicle. Its drum ensures that the rope can be easily untied without any damage. On the right side of the drum, the hook is meant to attach a hook or a steel sling while the slot on the left side allows for direct pulling behind the vehicle using chains.

Its keyhole-shaped opening is designed to be sled onto a vehicle's ball hitch of up to 2" in diameter. Once installed, the plate can rotate and align with the load, providing a secure grip near the vehicle's center of gravity to minimize the risk of wheelie and enhance safety during operations.

Measuring 9’’ x 6’’ x 3’’ and weighing 3 lb this heavy-duty and robust pulling plate offers unparalleled convenience and versatility.

In conclusion, investing in the right forestry accessories can significantly enhance the efficiency, safety, and ease of winching operations. Whether it's the PCA-1310 Ball Hitch Pulling Plate for secure vehicle attachment, the PCA-1291 Automatic Release for seamless rope management, or the PCA-1270 Steel Open-Face Corner Block for versatile pulling options, these accessories are indispensable additions to any forestry toolkit. With the right tools at your disposal, you can tackle forestry tasks with confidence and precision, ensuring optimal results every time.

Check out this video of the accessories in action and understand their full potential.

Note: Although we filmed this video several years ago, it is still very accurate and totally useful! Keep in mind that Portable Winch has been around for over 20 YEARS!

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