Hunting with the Ouellettes

We wanted to share with you this letter we received from Mr. Ouellette, from Quebec (Canada):

Hello Portable Winch!

I’m writing this to thank you.

In 2018, I suffered a herniated disc, one we may call "a solid one". I was put to complete rest, lying in horizontal position in a hospital bed for two long months. In 2019, I had another lumbar sprain due to this hernia, so I thought that moose hunting was probably over for me.

I have been looking at your wonderful machine for the past couple of years, each time I walked the Salon de la chasse et de la pêche at Montreal. To be totally honest, I thought this amazing tool was a little over my budget, but facing the previously stated facts, I found myself in a dilemma: Never go moose hunting again or make an investment?? While I was meditating on my dilemma, my son-in-law got my daughter to agree to come moose hunting with her 47-year-old father!

For the last 25 years hunting, because I am a big guy, I’ve always done the “hard jobs” by hand with my friends, but we have come to an age where your body refuses to follow anymore! I therefore offered my son-in-law that we, my wife and I, would pay for the Portable Winch, and he would force on the big game. As of then, my delightful wife and I started saving money for that winch, thinking that, maybe, it would give us a couple more hunting years!

Our Lord Jesus Christ blessed us abundantly, as my little wife and I got two deers in addition to two mooses. I can tell you that we really needed our Portable Winch for all that game! We winched our deer over about 300 metres (985 ft) in a 70o slope with this super machine. A beautiful 8-point buck: thank you Jesus and thanks to all the Portable Winch team!

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