Ropes & Rope Bags

Ropes & Rope Bags



      For the best performance, always use Portable Winch Co. ropes with your winch. All our ropes are made of double braided polyester. Their construction makes them durable and features low stretch for increased safety. Their low cost and resistance to abrasion also make it a good choice for using with our capstan winches, where it is subject to friction and intense heat.

      For pulling, we strongly suggest using the ropewizerTM, the easy splice. To optimise the strength of the rope and the duration of the ropes life.

      Splice with galvanized steel thimble is available on some ropes. It provides protection against wear caused by carabiners, shackles and hooks attached at the end of the rope. In addition, the splice maintains almost 100% of the rope capacity, unlike a knot, which reduces its capacity by at least 30%.

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      We offer 4 different rope bags that are handy for storing and carrying your rope and small accessories. These bags prevent the rope from tangling up since it is pushed inside instead of being wrapped around an arm or a spool.

      Each bag fits a certain length of 10 or 12 mm rope.  We therefore suggest choosing your bag once you have chosen your rope size and length.

      Note that the PCA-0103 black vinyl bag is expressly designed to attach to the molded pack frame (PCA-0104).

      A COOL TIP:
      Attach a carabiner to your belt loop and pass the rope through it to quickly push it to the bottom of your bag