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The Hunting & Off-Roading Solution
The Hunting & Off-Roading Solution
PCW5000 Industrielle kommerzielle Winde

The Hunting & Off-Roading Solution

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Complement your winch with the Hunting & Off Roading Solution to be equipped for your next hunting trip or quad venture.

Warranty : 1 year

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The preferred choice for hunters and powersports enthusiasts.

Wanting and needing to bring your winch everywhere with you, the anchoring plate allows you to easily secure it to your quad's towing ball. While the rope choker is the perfect accessory to pull out that big game in the hard-to-get areas or move a fallen tree away from the trail, the additional snatch block will give you all this extra power in necessary situations.

Meant to be used in combination with one of our Accessorized Winches