The all-new


A 2-Stroke Petrol-Powered Portable Capstan Winch
True Pulling Power of

1.200 kg

in a single line


by Maruyama Japan
The most reliable



Rope Brake

Made of stainless steel

Redefining Performance and Quality

The very first 2-stroke winch by Portable Winch Co. Built for professionals seeking for power and reliability. See below what makes the PCW4500 stand out from all the others.

The Ultimate Winch for Professionals

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Pulling Power

1,200 KG / 2,650 LB

Speed Per Min.

12.2 M / 40 FT


13 KG / 28.5 LB


On Gearbox & Motor

Features & Characteristics

Starts up easily, offers reliability with its 5-year warranty while delivering incredible pulling power of 1.200 kg. Easy to multiply the power and reach up to 6.000 kg with a block and tackle of 2 double pulleys.

Allows to use petrol/oil mix, therefore to carry one canister for both the chainsaw and the winch.

The stainless steel cam cleat featuring on the PCW4500 is the simplest and easiest device to secure a load in position. A simple pull upwards to insert it and a quick lateral movement to disengage it is all it takes!

As you pull on the rope, the winch begins to pull. You stop pulling, the engine idles, the drum stops spinning and the cleat holds the load.

It is the device that makes it all possible, enabling the engine to idle and the drum to stop spinning when the pull action is paused, keeping everything still.

Ensures the rope is entering the winch in the optimal position in order to avoid rope entanglement on the drum.

Protects the bottom of the winch and fits a foot to ease startup.

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