Compare Portable Winch Models

Compare Portable Winch Models

Greenworks Commercial

Featuring 3 different speeds
2 choices of battery strength

Single Line Pulling Power: 1000 kg

SPEED: up to 11,6 m/min
WEIGHT: 9,5 kg

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GX35 Honda Engine

Lightweight and compact
360° inclinable - Air-cooled

Single Line Pulling Power: 700 kg

SPEED: 10 m/min
WEIGHT: 9.5 kg

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GX50 Honda Engine 

Features a clutch & 
Progressive capture system

Single Line Pulling Power: 1000 kg

SPEED: 13,4 m/min
WEIGHT: 12 kg

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GXH50 Honda Engine

Perfect for long labours duties
An engine that has lasted through the times.

Single Line Pulling Power: 1000 kg

SPEED: 12 m/min
WEIGHT: 16 kg

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Forester's Choice

If your a small woodlot owner or work a lot with forested lands the PCW4000 is for you. Featured with a clutch and progressive capture system. This model is perfect for directional felling, pulling out large logs across your land or stuck in creeks, great for loading logs directly into truck or shredder and pruning trees.

You related to this than the PCW4000 is the right model for you!

Hunter's Favorite

The most compact and lightweight winch there is out there! While still holding a powerful force! This sweet mini model was specificaly made on the request for hunters to pull out their large game; Moose, bear, crocodile. You name it, this little guy can winch them. It also has a special optional harnas that you can add to carrty it around on your back like backpack.

You related to this than the PCW3000 is the right model for you!

Cottage Life

Got some seasonal pulling jobs around the cottage? Like pulling in your dock at the end of the season or getting the boat trailer unstuck from the mud. Perhaps some odd jobs around the homestead? Like pulling a shed back into place or on higher ground.

Resonated with these tasks!? Then the PCW3000-Li is the winch for you!

Off Roaders Life

Are you the proud owner of a pickup truck, ATV or UTV? Perhaps all three, and are you getting stuck often in the mud or on a trail off road? Then the commercial grade PCW5000 is perfect for you!