PCW4000 Spare parts

PCW4000 Spare parts


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Click on the image above to locate your parts. Then find them in the drop-down menu on the right. Note that, by default, each part is at quantity of one (1). If you need more than one (1), be sure to increase the quantity.

Important note: Engines/motors and gearboxes are not available for sale. If you have any questions or needs with respect to these parts, contact your dealer or us via our Contact Us page.

Also, if you encounter any problems with your winch, please refer to our Warranty Policy.

Customer Reviews

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Pierre Pigeon
pièces pour portable winch 4000

tout ses bien dérouler commander par internet et ramasser sur un distributeur pas de frais de livraison

Mel Ward
Spare Parts

Ordered a couple spare rope guides after I bent one in the field. It was my fault I bent the original guide. This winch has been absolutely unreal! From recovering beached jet boats to pulling Moose and firewood out of the bush…. Have not found a task it couldn’t handle. Only regret I have is not buying one sooner. I don’t leave home without it now!

frank thorogood
cap nuts did not fit properly

I used the cap nuts provided to replace the original nuts and the original bolts were too long with the cap nuts provided. As a result I reused the original nuts sorry i do not have the parts number for reference with me where I am currently located I did think it was important to follow up with this opportunity. THx

Alain Lanoix

PCW4000 Spare Parts

Stephane Cote

PCW4000 Spare Parts